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Bo$$ B!tch

Bo$$ B!tch

Being a boss isn’t a title that’s given to you. It’s an attribute you inherit. I learned from one of the baddest MF’ers - my dad.

Dad was a boss. He worked hard, played hard, smelled good, and was a bad boy. Which technically makes me a baddie by nature. Ms. Lauryn Hill sang the gospel about how some guys (and some girls) are only about "that thing." Honestly, where's the lie? Nothing drives a man crazier than a woman in charge of her business and sexuality. By the way, I don't have time for mister softy to be all up in his feelings cause I'm out here getting mine. Besides, I damn sure ain't waiting on Prince Charming to rescue me, and if a man is waiting on me to make dinner - he's gonna be hungry.

When it comes to who, what, and how I spend my time, well, I put my big girl pants on and take them off for whoever I want without the need for an apology or walk of shame the next day. Unless I drew the short straw and wasted my time and lipstick.

The bad muthaf'er my dad was made me the boss b!tch I am today.

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