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Dating Concierge
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Dating Concierge

New year, new you? Eh. We’re thinking more new year, new boo. Whether you’re looking to play the field or take this dating game to the next level, the usual apps aren’t going to cut it. You deserve the best.

Here’s our short list of exclusive, high-end dating apps where you’ll find the choosy heavy hitters.


Like Tinder, for the jet set. Skip Raya’s impossible referral program and try LUXY instead. Stacked with the same caliber of singles, you don’t need to be a celebrity to get on here. Profiles are reviewed through LUXY’s “vouching” process, maintaining its exclusivity.
If you’re looking for love with a six-figure income, this is where it’s at.


For hands-on help from a person not an algorithm, Tawkify combines the old-school blind date setup of coffee meets bagel, with the exclusivity of matchmaking services. We’re into this one because it’s almost too easy. Their professional matchmakers do all the work to understand you then hit your line when they’ve got a match. You basically become part of their database for “high-profile singles” who are too important to have public dating profiles.
Are we reading between the (Drake is that you?) lines here?

@Inner Circle

Like The League, Inner Circle focuses on quality over quantity, without the elitist vibe and bad press. We think of it as a combination of the two above. With a catfish-proof application process that connects social and professional lives, it’s a little more substance over style than most.
We’re talking beauty and brains, the type of people chasing the bag, and looking good doing it.

Keep it Casual

Leave the feelings to the other apps, not everyone is out here looking for the one. Some of us are just looking for a little fun. Whether you’re trying to get something out of your system or serial monogamy isn’t for you, the casual hook-up apps seem almost too obvious. We all know about the OGs like Tinder, but your options go way deeper than that. The guys on Grinder shouldn’t get to have all the fun, right? For women looking for other women, Her is a social media meets hook-up app focused on keeping things casual. When you think of cupid getting to work, it’s usually not about a one-night stand, so this one might be a shocker. Hit the free version of OkCupid for all kinds of casual experiences.

Since that app has the most inclusive options, there’s something, or someone, on there for everybody.

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