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Fire in the Disco
last call

Fire in the Disco

This bona fide trailblazer is a surefire way to make the night hot.

  • 1 oz Mezacl (tequila's smokey cousin)
  • 1 oz Chartreuse
  • 1/2 oz Yellow Chartreuse
  • 1/4 oz Giffard Piment D'espelette (Chile Liqueur)
  • St. George Absinthe Verte
  • 1 bar spoon for each glass

Begin by adding the absinthe to a shot glass, swirl to coat, and then set aside. Combine the other ingredients into a mixing pitcher with ice cubes and stir for 30-seconds. Finally, light the absinthe with a match or long lighter to accentuate the licorice aroma.

Caution: Lighting the glass will make it extremely hot. Let the mixture cool before drinking. Then, blow out the flame and strain it into the shot glasses.


Disco Instructions

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