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After Hours


Get your grub on and make a good night a great one with our fave places to pig out.

Lawrence's Fish & Shrimp, Chicago

  1. Lawrence's Fish & Shrimp, Chicago
    The South Side of Chicago does it big late night with Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp. A must go-to post club-hopping for grub with whale-sized fried shrimp and scrumptious golden battered catfish, cod and perch. Come with a big appetite and fall in love hook, line and sinker.

 District by GS, Los Angeles

  1. The District by GS, Los Angeles
    Welcome to a vibe that grips you tight like a bear hug and makes you feel like a true player. The indoor and outdoor seating is the best of both worlds and the food is straight-up slammin’. So, wave your hands in the air for a decadent night in LA.

Maloney’s Local Irish Pub, Tampa

  1. Maloney’s Local Irish Pub, Tampa
    Cheap and easy is a good thing at Maloney’s Local Irish Pub. Weekly specials — like 25-cent crispy wings on Monday nights and $7 meaty burgers on Wednesdays — will satisfy you more than your last date. Feed your happy with an extensive menu of starters, sandwiches, flatbreads and burgers.

Ben’s Chili Bowl, DC

  1. Ben’s Chili Bowl, DC
    Enjoy a little TLC at Ben's Chili Bowl. They feature their iconic half-smoke sausages smothered in chili. You can order until 2 a.m. on weekdays and until 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Just be prepared for a long line, but it's worth it.

 Righteous Room, Atlanta

  1. The Righteous Room, Atlanta
    When it comes to late-night dining in ATL those in the know come here. This Poncey-Highland dive bar is a popular post-shift spot for many of Atlanta's bartenders and locals. So, don’t be a stranger, show up and dig-in.

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