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Reservations for Two
Next-Level Dating

Reservations for Two

From Alexandra, your Dating Concierge

When you know how to plan a next-level date, no one is out of your league.

Planning dates they’ll remember is a bit of a lost art. Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, all in the name of romance, is not for the faint of heart. Most go for the obvious choices: dinner and a movie or a picnic in the park. There’s nothing wrong with a classic, but if you want to make a real impression … take date night to the next level.

If you’re out of practice, these ideas for a special night out will upgrade your love life.


1. Midnight Romance
Late-night movie and dessert

When you want to start off strong but not too strong, this one is relaxed enough to feel like dinner and a movie, but different enough to make your date feel like you put some thought into it. My suggestion: choose a late-night show and make reservations for an even later dessert. Lounges with liqueur-forward cocktail menus are a smart choice for an impromptu nightcap.

Make It 5-Star: Rent out the movie theater for a private experience you can personalize. Many will give you access 15 minutes before showtime, so you can phone a friend to sneak in and help you execute an extravagant surprise.

Next Level Dating Woman


2. Classic with a Twist
Burlesque Show

Dress to impress and give them a show. I’m thinking crystal chandeliers in a dark room with dry martinis and seductive dancing. Even if the fantasy isn’t your thing, this experience is one of a kind. My suggestion: reserve a VIP table at a burlesque show and keep the top-shelf cocktails flowing for a night of mystery. This makes a great double date, too.

Make It 5-Star: Send a black car to pick them up with a handwritten note and champagne. This is easier to set up than you'd think: just add two stops to the ride on your favorite car service app. Use the initial “pick up” to put the items in the back seat and give the driver a heads up before grabbing your own ride to beat them there.



3. Take a Dip
Russian Bathhouse

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? A spa day would be a great day but the idea is to be together during the date, right? Instead of being separated during the services, bathhouses offer day spa amenities you can enjoy with someone else. My suggestion: sweat it out in the sauna over deep conversation and make reservations for lunch at an upscale restaurant nearby.

Make It 5-Star: Book your date a spa service for another day of relaxation on their own.




4. Windows to the World
Private Views for Two

Sometimes dinner is non-negotiable in your night’s plan, but that doesn’t mean it has to be in a restaurant. My suggestion: use AirBnB, VRBO or a hotel suite to curate a private penthouse dinner for two. Book a room or space with big windows on a top floor and hire a chef to create a special dinner with wine and beverage pairings.

Make It 5-Star: Have a small gift waiting on the table, but don’t let them open it until the end of the night. Queue the anticipation.



5. Onscreen Romance
Just like in the movies

When you’ve been together forever, things can get … predictable. The best way to spice things up is to be spontaneous—this plan is the anti-plan. My suggestion: call on the professionals. Tap in the help of an event planner for a truly next-level night or long weekend. They’ll think of date-night scenarios you couldn't even dream of, and most of them could plan it in their sleep.

Make It 5-Star: Give yourself a budget for the night. That way, no matter where you end up, you’re guaranteed to do it big with money to spare for whatever might happen next.

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