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Spark the debate for the best places in the ATL to fire up a stogie.

Havana Lounge

  1. Havana Lounge
    Havana Cigar Lounge offers a culturally rich atmosphere featuring a Caribbean and Afro-fusion menu, hand-crafted cocktails and premier hand-rolled cigars. This little gem is one of Atlanta’s best-kept secrets.

Cigar City Club

  1. Cigar City Club
    The simple sophistication of the Cigar City Club transports you to a 1920s speakeasy-esque atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door. The center of attention is the bar and humidor. So, come for the smoke, stay for the culinary delights and live it up in the lap of luxury.

Red Phone Booth

  1. Red Phone Booth
    The Red Phone Booth dials up culture and class with bold confidence from its knowledgeable staff. However, to step into one of Atlanta’s most exclusive cigar bars (you’ll need to dress to impress and have a special code to get in). After that, you get to call the shots.

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