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Sticks & Moves

Sticks & Moves

Keep it sexy, classy and bossed up with our top five smoking accessories.

Having the perfect accessories at your fingertips intensifies the moment when you're smoking goodness. You can find these at your favorite local smoke shop, or at online retailers like High Mamasita and 1stDibs.

  • Get the bag

    When it's time to "roll that sh!t, light that sh!t and smoke it" the perfect smoking kit has everything you need to start the debauchery.

  • Fired Up

    Spark the vibe in style and strike up unforgettable moments with a Zippo lighter or go down in flames. Lucky for you, we have one available in our Rewards Store.

  • Give em the finger

    Pinkie promise you'll be that bitch with a blinged-out cigarette holder ring. Go from ashy to classy in a snap.

  • Voila

    Being discrete has its privileges especially for playas on the prowl and with a smokeless ashtray, real Gs will move in silence like lasagna.

  • Hold it hit it

    When you whip it out, all eyes will be on your package (of smokes). Add a cigarette case to your bag of tricks and add more compliments on your style.

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