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Beats and Flows for ‘24 Playlist

Beats and Flows for ‘24

Ring it in right. Sample the dynamic wave of sounds set to captivate audiences next year.

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Jewel of the South Article

Jewel of the South

This legendary bar is an intimate haven,
reserved exclusively for those in the know.

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Rolling Stone + KOOL Video

Rolling Stone + KOOL

Watch DJ Natasha Diggs and Soul in the Horn bring the heat to Rolling Stone Live: Chicago.

Potions Lounge Article

Potions Lounge

Embrace your cravings and indulge in the forbidden temptations that lie within.

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Reservations for Two Article

Reservations for Two

Next-level date ideas that'll make them want more.

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On The Rocks Playlist

On The Rocks

Your exclusive Bourbon soundtrack is here.

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Get Ready for Jazz Fest Playlist

Get Ready for Jazz Fest

Celebrate the music and culture of “The Big Easy” and get into its groove. 

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Bourbon 101 Article

Bourbon 101

Finding my unique spirit — a bourbon journey

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Summer Rocks Playlist

Summer Rocks

Lollapalooza is rolling into Chicago in August.

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What’s Your Next Play? Video

What’s Your Next Play?

The desert heat was no match for the sizzling scene inside MAXIM’s exclusive VIP event.

Run It Back Playlist

Run It Back

Uncommon remixes and our favorites from halftime icons.

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Five-Star Finger Food Article

Five-Star Finger Food

Feeling the heat? It’s time to remind the crowd how you really throw down.

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My Next Move Video

My Next Move

Drink this energizing hi-ball before setting out back into the world.

Run The Table Video

Run The Table

This cocktail packs more punch than any Hard Seltzer.

Dating Concierge Article

Dating Concierge

New Year, new Boo? See our shortlist of high-end dating apps.

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Next Up Playlist

Next Up

Check out our curated list of artists we think are on the rise. You heard it here first.

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Come A Gin Video

Come A Gin

Here’s a little shooter for all you colorful
shot-takers and shot-makers out there.

The (Old) Heave Ho-Ho Playlist

The (Old) Heave Ho-Ho

Our Old Heave Ho-Ho playlist will give you all the inspo to “escape the crazy” you need.

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Hit The Strip Article

Hit The Strip

It's called "Sin City" for a reason. Shouldn't you get into just a little trouble?

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Feed Your Desires Article

Feed Your Desires

Wave your freak flag (or napkin) and bone-appetite (pun most definitely intended).

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Maxim Hot 100 Video

Maxim Hot 100

The sexiest Swim Week bash in Miami — and KOOL was there for the action.

Fire In The Disco Video

Fire In The Disco

Paul C. is about to set the alarm with this Earth, Wind, and Fire In the Disco cocktail.

Queen's Heir Video

Queen's Heir

Come behind the bar with Big Body Benz and get the royal treatment.

Summer Smash Did the Damn Thing Video

Summer Smash Did the Damn Thing

We rocked with Triller at Summer Smash and the vibe was spicy.

Smokey Old-Fashioned Video

Smokey Old-Fashioned

A remix to a classic cocktail that’s as smooth as Smokey Robinson with styles
like Harry –– Last Call.

End of Summer Music Festivals Article

End of Summer Music Festivals

Check out these hot outdoor music festivals at the top of our gotta-be-at bucket list.

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Billboard’s Baddest Playlist

Billboard’s Baddest

Feel the vibe of today’s hit makers with anthems that’ll pack the dance floor.

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White Hot Summer Kicks Article

White Hot Summer Kicks

Can I kick it? Yes, you can! Find a pair of fresh all-white kicks to rock this summer.

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Sticks & Moves Article

Sticks & Moves

Discover the perfect accessories to spark the moment, just a click away.

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It's Just The Tip Article

It's Just The Tip

Here are a few tips: “to ensure proper service” please tip the staff.

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Baecation Playlist


It takes two to tango, so share this with your bestie and get your boogie on.

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Bo$$ B!tch Article

Bo$$ B!tch

Being a BO$$ is more than a title, it’s an attitude inherited from the best and baddest.

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Hips Don't Lie, They Shake Things Up Article

Hips Don't Lie, They Shake Things Up

The rhythm is spicy. The beat moves your body into ecstasy.

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A Bad Muthaf’n Mother’s Day Playlist Playlist

A Bad Muthaf’n Mother’s Day Playlist

Yo mama go so hard for her jams this playlist will make her knees jelly.

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Discover our top three places to fire up a stogie.

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Late Night Hype Snacks Article

Late Night Hype Snacks

A night on the town often ends in a binge-eating session.

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Runnin' Game Article

Runnin' Game

Play your cards right or get your card pulled and possibly kicked out of the family.

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